DigiXstream Supper Tech - Reset


  • I can not update or reset my digistream box. All the steps are clear until you install media. They advise you to seek “wizard” but it’s no longer available. Also Megabox n Shoebox are no longer available. What app do i use if terrarium is not working as well?

    • Irene. Thank you for reaching out. If you are looking for DigiXstream Support, you can order it here: https://digixstreamshop.com/support/
      There is only so much that can be done for those older boxes though. They won’t support Kodi 17.1 and DigiXstream is not in business anymore.
      For that reason, your best bet is to order a new FOMOstream® Fs1 Series. That is the brand that we launched in 2016 to replace the DigiXstream brand with. We never owned that brand and therefore ultimately had no control over what the true owners did with it after we have them a good name and reputation. We launched the FOMOstream® Fs1 Series so that we can continue to do what we love and so that our Customers can get the product and service you all expect and deserve.

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