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For all you experienced DigiXstream users out there, you’ll be happy to know you will no longer need to use a clean wizard or an adult wizard; or any other wizards. Like magic, we have combined them all into one. Namely, the “!Only Wizard.”

The “!Only Wizard” will now replace the “Digi Wizard.”

To get it, you just need to close KODI and reopen it (or simply refresh KODI by clicking the red KODI button on your remote twice). Then find the “!Only Wizard” add-on inside of your KODI add-ons. Then you’ll need to select !Only Wizard with the OK Button on your remote. It will then ask you if you would like to update now, highlight Yes and press OK on your remote. You will then be asked if you would like to like to download and install the Adult Add-ons. If you select Yes, you’ll be asked to confirm that you are over the age of 18. If you select NO on either of those questions the Wizard will install only the standard core Add-Ons.

The !Only Wizard will take some time to go through multiple steps. When it’s complete you will need to press the red Kodi button twice to refresh. Let the box set for about five minutes in order to complete any Add-On updates necessary.

Right now this on all of our DigiXstream Android TV Boxes however, in the near future, the DX4 PLUS Android TV Boxes will have a special Wizard unique to that model.

PS.) The “!Only Wizard” is not in your addons after refreshing KODI, you may need to do an OTA update on your unit. Please be aware that doing an OTA Update will wipe your DigiXstream Box clean and you will need to set KODI and everything back up from scratch again. You can find the DigiXstream Setup Instructions here. ( DigiXstream Setup Video )


    • You will be notified in the RSS feed at the bottom of your screen when one is available and we tell you which models they are available for. You can also check for them anytime you want.

  • I purchased my dixstreame from the big E in Springfield Ma for 399.00 why am I not getting the only wizard on my box were you guys selling not the original box for the price of the original kinda confused here please reply

    • Ellie,

      I advise you to upgrade to the new FOMOstream® Fs1 Series asap.

      We separated ourselves from DigiXstream over a year ago after they stopped taking our management and developmental lead. The company you purchased from was most likely Webster Enterprises. They, together with DigiXstream, destroyed the name I built for them over the years. DigiXstream has now closed their door for good before this new year.

  • how do i force my digixstream box to download the !one wizard. my girlfriend did a factory reset so now it has the digirepo app which does nothing. ota updater does nothing. is there a link to get the !only wizard file so i have a backup incase this happens again?

    • Dennis….it seems to me that Neil Sargisian all left Digixstream and are now holding us all hostage to pay for their support. They even put an update out there that wiped out our WIzard or Kodi and now we cannot use it without paying them to support the boxes… Its bull and they know it. They want us all to pay another $200-$400 for their system…its the old bait and switch!! Get us liking it,,,close the doors and resell us new equipment…Small but very unethical.

      • Vince. It seems that you’re a carelessly shit-talker that makes false accusations and shares false and statements with others without ANY proof of your claims whatsoever.
        Unfortunately for you, I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt everything you said is completely false and if anyone doubts that, they can contact me themselves and ask me for proof to back up everything I have claimed.
        Don’t you think it’s odd that I have blog posts from years ago warning everyone about the shift in the DigiXstream brand and explaining why I stopped selling their boxes? This was in 2016, long before DigiXstream closed their doors. I also have emails and text messages I can show everyone discussing the warnings I gave DigiXstream about me launching my own brand if they didn’t change their new ways.
        I have numerous comments on my blog from customers backing up my claims when I tried to warn you all about the shift years ago.
        Think about it, research it, and I bet you’ll feel really stupid for making such hateful claims. You have the wrong person!

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