DigiXstream Shop is the ONLY place you can get our Special Setup w/ 1 Year FREE Tech Support.

 (( Fully Setup boxes w/ 1Yr Warrany & Tech Support Included ))

All other DigiXstream Android TV Boxes purchased from any 3rd party (Amazon, Ebay. etc…) are void of our renowned tech support service and likely do NOT come with any support at all, regardless of what they tell you. Or their support may take weeks to return calls only to provide very little help.

If you have purchased your DigiXstream box from a 3rd party and now need tech support, you will need to purchase tech support through our DigiXstream Shop. You can often get right through to your support expert when you call and if you do leave a message on our support line during business hours you will receive a call back within the hour in most cases; usually within mins. Whether you choose the 1 hour or the 1 year, you will receive up to an hour on your first call and we guarantee to help you resolve any issue you may encounter. An SD card may be required to fix in some issues.

Each support order is assigned to 1 person and can not be gifted to another person after main point of contact person has been established through first support phone call.



  • I purchased my DigiXStream from our state fair and it came with free lifetime tech support. Not sure where to get the help I need. I have had this little device for two days now and am unable to watch my football. I can not figure out how, what or anything. I have tried looking things up online and watching videos and still I am unable to watch American football. The entire reason I bought this is for my sports. HELP!!!! This is the most frustrating thing I have encountered. I keep getting things like error 404 and script failed.

  • I bought mine at the BIG E in West Springfield Mass and started setting it up yesterday and is the most frustraing thing i have come across. They told me and were telling everyone free tech support and updates for life. They also had a big sign saying free lifetime tech support and updates. Also the fair has ended and mine did not come preloaded with anything. My mom’s and mine look completely different. How do i get this resolved?

  • I purchased my DX4 from a digistream. Comes with a 1 year support. Worked fine now I am having issues, trying to load only wizard keeps saying “error script failed” tried several times. Not working, Call 619-403-4743 thanks

    • Raul, this is not how you contact our support service. If you are a direct client of our DigiXstream Shop you were provided with an email and phone number to use for tech support. You can contact us for support between the hours of 9am to 5pm Mon – Fri & 10am to 5pm Sat. MST.

    • The DigiXstream operates on Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Lollipop is version 5.0, and is not actually the newest version but either way, no, the box doesn’t upgrade to the newest Android Version. If you want a newer Android Version you’ll need to order a new box. DigiXstream doesn’t offer better than Android version 4.4.2 so if you want something newer and more upgraded I suggest getting a FOMOstream™ Fs1 Series.

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  • Hello I have had a digistream dx4 plus for a couple months and it is great, I had to do a factory reset because I had no sound and after that, thewizard app does not show up and I cannot do any install. I am having trouble reaching anyone for help, do you know how I can fix this? Thank you

    • Jeff, It sounds like you didn’t purchase your unit from our DigiXstream Shop Fully Setup w/ 1 Yr Warranty & Tech Support Included. Therefore you’ll need to order support ala-carte. Once you chose a DigiXstream Shop support plan, you can then enjoy the benefits of our tech support service and other perks we offer. You can order online or over the phone.

  • Okay, I have a question. I just purchase a DX5 plus streaming media system that I paid $329.00 for via PayPal and for some reason the website won’t come back up. Did I just get got and for the merchant it says I have a transaction number but that’s it. Can seem to find a number to see where my product is.

    • I’m not sure who you purchased it from but I do see that the site is down. Not sure why. That’s the manufacturer site and the worst place to order a box from because they are overpriced and they have never offered any tech support. Give us a call and we’ll let you know what your best options are at this point. (303) 997-1709

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