DigiXstream Android TV XBMC Streamer

Watch all your Youtube Subscriptions on your home television with a DigiXstream Android TV Box

Want to watch all your Youtube Subscriptions on your home television? Just go to our DigiXstream Video-Addons. Click Youtube and then the Sign In tab. You will be prompted to go to http://youtube.com/activate. Enter the Activation Code you are given. Click Accept, and BAMB, you are in!

You now can access all your favorite Youtube Subscriptions and other videos directly on your home TV & you can navigate content with our fancy remote controller we provide or a wireless keyboard / air mouse which will enrich your user experience.

Let’s face it. There is a lot of great content within Youtube worth watching on a large screen TV. Youtube also has 4K videos and now you know how to stream it to your home television using our DigiXstream Streaming Media Player. Your welcome. ūüôā

DigiXstream Streaming Media Player


  • I need your help in finding out If i purchased a clone digistream box from my local store here in californa. If so he will here it from me in a bad way. Please I need your help with this matter as soon as possible

    • I recall speaking on the phone with you about that Robert. I hope I was able to help. To the best of my knowledge you didn’t have a clone but it is possible you got a defect. As you may know, electronics are very intricate and with every electronic device, there is the possibility of a defect. This is why it’s so important to purchase from an Official Dealer like us to ensure satisfaction. We replace units, no questions asked and also teach you how to maximize your user experience which is priceless. I can’t tell you how often we discover that many of our clients have been happily using our DigiXstream HD Streamers just in the App section alone, and have not even accessed the XBMC goodies within. There are also many tips, and tricks that people don’t often discover till months down the line if even at all.

    • It currently does the same for everyone. Hopefully that will be fixed soon but it is out of our hands. We do not own or maintain any of the add-ons that we feature. We simply continue to feature the best addons available for the KODI community through our custom KODI build.

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