DigiXstream DX4 Special Deal

For a limited time you can order a brand new DX4 Octa Core with our $90 Discount!

Coupon Code: dx4special

Yes, you read that correctly!DX4 Octa Core Android TV Box

You can order the DX4 Octa Core Android TV Box from our DigiXstream Shop in their regular state, Fully Loaded w/ 1Yr Warranty (like you can purchase anywhere else), or you can order them Fully Setup w/ 1Yr Warranty & Tech Support Included!

Fully Setup w/ 1Yr Warranty & Tech Support:

Fully Loaded w/ 1Yr Warranty:


The DX4 Octa Core can Stream in HD, 3D, and 4K Resolution!

Never a Membership, Subscription, or Rental Ever Required!



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