Digi Wizard

Your Digi Wizard ‘Fresh Install’ should be run once a week to every 3 weeks.  If you go more than 3 weeks without running your box you will find your user experience  beginning to diminish.

You may notice there are 3 Digi Wizard Setups now.

  1. Standard DigiXstream
  2. Kids and Teens
  3. Novice

You first click on the Digi Wizard you will get these options:

  1. Fresh Install ( Daily Restriction Enforced )
  2. Update Settings ( Troubleshooting )
  3. Choose A Layout
    • Standard DigiXstream
    • Kids & Teens
    • Novice


When you choose ‘Fresh Install’ you will next get asked…

“Do you want to install XXX Adult XXX?”

Yes or No ?

If you say Yes, you next need to confirm that you are 18 years of age or older.

Then the Download and Unzipping of the files will begin.

After that the box will likely reboot KODI a time or two before it fully loads back up.  This is normal after a Fresh Install.


Also, keep in mind that due to the nature of our fast growing industry, these options may change a bit over time.


  • I have 2 digixstream boxes. I have one I bought at a state fair in Wisconsin and the other I bought from Digxstream themselves. I can’t get either box to perform like when I bought them. Are they any good or just another paper weight. I would like to have a box that is easy to use and perform like they say they do. Please give me an honest answer on my digexstream android boxes. Is there any trade in value?

    • Kurt,

      There is no trade-in value. You’ll want to consider upgrading your unit. Here’s why…

      We’re aware of some issues that you might also be aware of. Like most of the featured Add-ons don’t work, or require memberships to work. You may also notice that many add-ons don’t perform as well as they used to on the DigiXstream. This is because Add-ons are all upgrading to work with Kodi 17+ which requires Android 5.0 or better… and the DX4 is 4.1, DL4 features Android 4.4, which is also outdated. So is the DX4plus which tops out at Android 4.7. Of course, it also doesn’t help that DigiXstream went out of business before the new year.

      Unfortunately, this and other DigiXstream box issues are out of our hands because DigiXstream Shop no longer has any role in the development of the DigiXstream brand. Our team has moved on to bigger and better things.

      I want to personally introduce you to my very own creation, the brand new FOMOstream® Fs1 Series Android TV Box | HD, 3D, & 4K Streaming Media Player!

      FOMO = ‘Fear Of Missing out’

      DON’T MISS OUT !!

      The FOMOstream® Android TV Box is MUCH easier to set up and navigate!

      Each model in the Fs1 Series also has more upgrades and capabilities than any other Android TV Box on the market !!!

      You can read more about it on our blog here:

      FOMOstream® brand is not affiliated with DigiXstream in any way, other than our team, who has helped to develop the DigiXstream brand over the years, is now the sole developer and owner of FOMOstream® Android TV Boxes. The same core values that our team has brought to the DigiXstream brand over the years have now been shifted to our brand new FOMOstream® Android TV Box.

      The more you purchase, the better the pricing. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via phone or email.

      I’m happy to help!

      The FOMOstream® site is:


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