Digi Wizard

Your Digi Wizard ‘Fresh Install’ should be run once a week to every 3 weeks.  If you go more than 3 weeks without running your box you will find your user experience  beginning to diminish.

You may notice there are 3 Digi Wizard Setups now.

  1. Standard DigiXstream
  2. Kids and Teens
  3. Novice

You first click on the Digi Wizard you will get these options:

  1. Fresh Install ( Daily Restriction Enforced )
  2. Update Settings ( Troubleshooting )
  3. Choose A Layout
    • Standard DigiXstream
    • Kids & Teens
    • Novice


When you choose ‘Fresh Install’ you will next get asked…

“Do you want to install XXX Adult XXX?”

Yes or No ?

If you say Yes, you next need to confirm that you are 18 years of age or older.

Then the Download and Unzipping of the files will begin.

After that the box will likely reboot KODI a time or two before it fully loads back up.  This is normal after a Fresh Install.


Also, keep in mind that due to the nature of our fast growing industry, these options may change a bit over time.


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