OTA Update for DigiXstream

New OTA Update (Version 20160624.V7.0.2) Available for DX4 Plus Models!  …however, OTA Updates are never mandatory.

If you decided to update, it’s very important that you check both boxes that say ‘Clear Cache‘ & ‘Clear Data‘ before completing the update.  After the update you will need to reboot KODI and then set it all back up from scratch again starting with Wifi and or Ethernet connections, Adjusting screen dimensions, and then going to KODI and running the !OnlyWizard.

This update should work out any bugs in OTA Updated version 20160512 you may have experienced; however, if you have any issues after the update please alert our DigiXstream Shop team so that we can continue to improve your DigiXstream user experience.



  • I was able to do the update without a hitch. Only issues I see with my system s “live tv” gives me the “fail to load” message more often than not. Can this be fixed or is this a “live with” issue? I’m ready to buy 2 more boxes and dump cable forever, but can’t see doing it if you have to cross your fingers for news updates etc?

    • Gary, you have tech support available to you. I suggest calling us for some troubleshooting so we can figure out what the issue may be. We can make sure that you get the most out of your DigiXstream box.

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