OTA Update for DigiXstream

Some of you may have noticed a new DigiXstream OTA Update ( Version 20160512 ) released a few days ago for the DX4 Plus models.  Version 20160512 is a significantly major update and facelift to the DigiXstream Android interface however, with any major update, bugs sometimes need to be ironed out.  You should be aware that DigiXstream OTA Updates are almost never mandatory.  When performing an OTA Update on any and all DigiXstream models you will lose any stored files and settings on your unit (including the DigiXstream Shop HD Backgrounds our DigiXstream Shop installs) and everything else will need to be setup from scratch again.

It’s important to note that there are a few bugs with the latest OTA that need to be worked out so please be patient. Particularly with restoring any personalization after the box is powered off and then back on.  Our skilled DigiXstream developers and working hard on fixing that for you now. I could take a while but it will be fixed asap.




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