OTA Update for DigiXstream

OTA Update 20160714 now available for DL4, DX4, and DX4 Plus models. This update is ‘NOT mandatory.’  If you decide to do an OTA update you must clear cache and data during this process and you will lose everything manually installed and everything will need to be set back up from scratch again.  If you don’t know how to set your DigiXstream box up because someone else did it for you, and or if you don’t have tech support, you may want to think twice before performing any OTA update because many customers end up having to order our tech support service just to get it setup again.  Those same customers then

Our regular updates ensure are to help improve your user experience.  The most recent version of the firmware has Aptoid installed and for Kodi we have disabled Debug Logging in order to speed the boxes performance up…we now have a 35% faster box than ever before which is a huge benchmark.



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