FOMOstream Android Smart TV Box

DigiXstream Shop is proud to introduce the new FOMOstream Android Smart TV Box | HD, 4K, & 3D Streaming Media Player; for those who desire the best of the best.

For nearly 3 years now, DigiXstream Shop has grown the DigiXstream brand through development, marketing, updates, sales, service, repairs, and our stellar support which is the backbone of why the DigiXstream brand has thrived so well over the years.

FOMOstream is not affiliated with DigiXstream in any way, other than our team, who has helped to develop the DigiXstream brand over the years, is now the sole developer and owner of FOMOstream brand Android Smart TV Boxes.  The same core values that our team has brought to DigiXstream brand, will also be applied to the new FOMOstreamAndroid Smart TV Box.


Why FOMOstream?
FOMOstreamis designed to outperform all its predecessors with its capabilities, processor speed, upgrades, user platform, and support.  The specs alone will show you that it’s in a class of its own, but we’re certain the experience will seal the deal.


DigiXstream is still a great Android TV Box and the next best choice, but if you can afford to spend a little more, we recommend the FOMOstreamAndroid Smart TV Box.
The Fs1 Series from FOMOstream is the first fully managed and supported Android TV Box to feature the brand new Realtek 1295 Chipset which industry enthusiasts understand to be the top leading chipset available on the market.
Our Fs1 Series also pioneers the Android TV Box industry as the first Android Smart TV Box to support VP9 Ultra HD Streaming Technology for YouTube 4K.  This means that unlike other Android TV Boxes that claim to have 4K streaming capabilities, but require external files to stream 4K, the FOMOstreambox can stream 4K resolution films directly from KODI!


There are 3 Fs1 models available.


FOMOstream™ Android TV Box


  • Powered by Android 6.0.1
  • KODI 16.0 Pre-Installed Fully Loaded
  • Support H.265 4K@60fps
  • Support VP9, 4KP60 for YouTube 4K
  • HDMI in 2.0 w/ PVR Function
  • HDMI2.0 out
  • Newer Easy To Use Interface
  • and more…


The Fs1plus Model also has…

  • 802.11ac Router
  • Optical Output
  • Coaxial Output
  • Internal 3.5′′ SATA
  • TYPE-C HOST and Slave ( for HDD )
  • USB 2.0 Host X3


The FOMO platform is easier to work with than other Android TV Boxes.  Unique to the FOMOstreambrand is the detailed and ‘up-to-date’ online support content that we offer in conjunction with the same great phone support / email support we have always offered through our DigiXstream Shop.

As the Official DigiXstream Sales, Help and Support Hub, we don’t actually own the DigiXstream brand, we just have added value to it over the years.

When you build your business on support for someone else’s brand you can’t give that support away for free to the public.  Not only would that devalue the support that our direct customers have paid for, but it would devalue much of our service altogether.

DigiXstream, LLC. (the DigiXstream manufacture) has never been very good at updating the public with new changes, or even their authorised resellers to be honest.  DigiXstream, LLC. has not wanted to deal with the public or offer tech support at all.  That’s one of the reasons they hired us as the Official DigiXstream Sales, Help, and Support Hub back in 2014.  FOMOstreamunderstands the importance of help and support.

All of our DigiXstream Shop customers will get generous discounts on the new FOMOstream™ box from  An exact discount amount depends on the number of boxes purchased and how much business you have done with us in the past.

Give us a call to find out just how good of a deal we can offer you.  We are also happy to answer any questions may you have.

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