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The Newest Digi-Wizard Video Add-ons for DigiXstream


If you own a DigiXstream already you may have noticed that our most recent DigiXstream update has included a few extra goodies. “Cartoon HD Extras”, “Movies 25”, and the “Phoenix” video add-ons are the the newest featured video add-ons found within our “Digi-Wizard” download, which is exclusive to DigiXstream and only compatible with DigiXstream Android TV Boxes. In this blog we will break down these great video-addons to show you how to best use them to access the streaming content you desire.


Cartoon HD Extras (#2), like its original “Cartoon HD” is not only cartoons, but is filled with some of the best, newest, and most popular movies, and TV Shows. When you click on Cartoon HD Extras, it breaks down into the following categories.

  • Movies & Tv
  • Animation
  • Search

Each category is filled with amazing content that related to such. The strong points of this XBMC/Kodi add-on are that it’s filled with lots of gets content that’s stable and dependability. This channel add-on unfortunately doesn’t give you all the same great “menu options” as most of our featured channels do, but it’s still a great portal to find really good movies and Tv shows. If you highlight a movies and click the menu button on your remote you will understand what we mean. Only two options pop up.

  • Add to favourites
  • Add-on settings


Phoenix Video Add-on is developed by some of the guys from MashUp that are into streaming. This add-on has 8 great Portals. These are unique in their own way. I won’t go into depth with all of them right now but as you can see, I have highlighted a few cool categories inside…

  • Woody
    • (TV & Sport Streams)
  • Staael2014
    • 2014 HD Movies
    • 2013 HD Movies
    • 2013 Movies
    • 1080p Movies
    • 3D Movies
    • Boxsets
    • HD Movie Collection
  • One242415
    • Latest Releases
    • Requests
    • Funniest Comedies Ever
    • Cheech & Chong
    • The Walking Dead
    • Best Westerns Ever Made
    • Psychological Thrillers
    • Erotic Thrillers
    • C.I.A.
    • Vigilante
    • Alfred Hitchcock
    • News Journalism Documentaries
    • Burlesque
    • GRINDHOUSE Theater
    • Blaxploration
    • BATMAN: Animated Films
    • Retro TV
    • Sports Movies
    • British Stand Up
    • Marilyn Monroe Collection
    • Elvis Presley Filmography
    • Clint Eastwood Collection
    • Mel Brooks Collection
    • Jack Nicholson Collection
    • Jason Statham Collection
    • Stephen King Collection
    • Abbott and Costello Collection
    • WAR
    • Martial Arts
    • ZOMBIE Collection
    • James Bond 007
    • Biker Films
    • Star Trek Collection
    • Animation
    • Scariest Movies Of All Time
    • Best Picture Oscars
    • Made For TV Movies
    • Disco Fever
    • Black Entertainment
    • Movie Made For Women
    • Mafia/Gangster
    • Superheros
    • Stand Up Comedy
    • Celebrity Roasts
    • Speed
    • Cinema Italiano
    • Foreign Cinema
    • Live International Streams
    • Italian Series
    • The Twilight Zone
    • Films From Games
    • TMC 1940’s
    • Ultimate Sci-Fi Collection
    • National Geographic
    • Vampires
    • UFO
  • TNPB
    • New Releases
    • Latest Cinema Release
    • Categories
    •  Hot 30
    • Kidzone
    • Kidz Collectionz
    • Kids TV Shows
    • Cartoonland
    • Martial Arts & Action Movies
    • 720p Boxsets
    • Superheros
    • Organized Crime & Gangster Movies
    • Best Of British
    • British Stand Up
    • Documentaries
  • Crusader88
    • International Channels
    • Arabic Channels
  • Demon88
    • 1080p Movies
    • New Movies
  • Updates/Info
  • NHL
    • (Live Hockey Streams)
  • Manage Downloads


Movies25 is another great Video-addon with lots of great content inside. It branches into the following categories:

  • Movies
    • Top 9
    • Featured
    • New Releases
    • Latest Added
    • Most Viewed
    • Most Voted
    • A-Z
    • Genre
    • Year
    • Search
    • Favorites
  • TV
    • Most Popular
    • Newest Episodes
    • A-Z
    • Genre
    • TV Schedule
    • Search
    • Favorites
  • Settings

Scroll to a movie within and click “Menu” button on your remote. You will find the following options:

  • Movie Information
  • Add to Library
  • Add to Favorites
  • Add to Kids Movies



  • This blog post is a bit outdated. We are constantly adding new addons that we continue to feature through our Wizards. The Wizard is the addon that allows you to facilitate our updates. You will notice that we also replace addons that no longer work so well.

  • Hello,
    Love this box!!! Bought this dx4 at the Raleigh nc state fair …but I’m not a novice computer person..just a suggestion? Digixbox for dummies…dumb it down just a bit. I will figure it out but takes a lot of time. Just simple things like added a fav. Channel or maybe give us all HD channels..with major net works..from what I’ve gotten the golf channel is one of the best as CBSNEWS

    • Lee, DigiXstream Shop tech support is really paramount for a continued good experience. Those who wait to order it only when there is an emergency often short change themselves because it’s much better if you have an export teach you all the inns and outs so that we can help you maximize your user experience, while minimizing your leaning curve, which we understand can be frustrating without proper tech support and training. https://digixstreamshop.com/support/

      If the guys who sold you that box told you that you have free support, you will need to take that up with the company who sold you that unit. We do not support 3rd party purchases.

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