If you're looking to purchase an Android TV Box, we can help you better than ever.  We have replaced all the old outdated DigiXstream boxes with our new FOMOstream Fs1 Series Android TV Box | HD, 3D, & 4K Streaming Media Player.  We can assure you they perform a lot better and are a lot more user friendly.

Fs1 Series from FOMOstream Android TV Box

FOMOstream is not affiliated with DigiXstream in any way, other than our team, who has helped to develop the DigiXstream brand over the years, is now the sole developer and owner of FOMOstream brand Android Smart TV Boxes.  The same core values that our team has brought to DigiXstream brand, has also been applied to the new FOMOstream Android Smart TV Box.  Learn more and order at

After supporting the DigiXstream brand as the OFFICIAL DigiXstream Sales Help and Support Hub since 2014, DigiXstream Shop is no longer part of the development and distribution of DigiXstream Android TV Boxes due to what became strong differences and opinions as to how these boxes should be set up, marketed, sold, and distributed.

These differences eventually motivated our development team to launch our own brand of which we are 100% sole owners of.  The new FOMOstream Fs1 Series Android TV Box comes fully loaded and maintained with more upgrade and capabilities than any other Android TV Box on the market.

We do however continue to support the DigiXstream brand as we always have.  You can still order our DigiXstream Shop tech support here if you don't already have the many benefits that our tech support provides.