How to Update DigiXstream Firmware Using OTA

  • Insert an SD card (Make sure it is NOT a High Capacity SD card) in the side slot of your DigiXstream (Needs at least 512 MB Free)
  • If your box has at least version 6.3.7, you will not need an SD card.
  • For the X2 models, make sure the card is securely pressed all the way in.
  • For DX3 / DX4 models, make sure the SD card has spring-loaded IN and not spring-loaded OUT.
  • From the Home Screen Press the Green Button (Or Select Apps)
  • Locate the OTAUpdate Icon and Press OK
  • If your box needs updating it should prompt you to update Select Install
  • The update will download onto the SD card and reboot
  • When Prompted, select Clear Cache and Clear Data
  • After Reboot, the Firmware should install and reboot again.
  • Your Update Has Completed
  • Re-Run the DigiWizard


  • I purchase from the calif state fair in Sacramento in July and my digistream box will not reboot the month date and year is way off so nothing congrat up can you please help?

  • I purchased my DigiXstream a few days ago at Central WA State Fair and was informed they were an authorized dealer (Webster Enterprises) and that my purchase INCLUDED life time support. I registered my product day I got it and reading above concerned that the extra I apparently paid now does not include support???

  • Every movie I watch has Chinese subtitles and I can’t seem to find NFL games. Say error every time I try to download a game. What am I doing wrong?

    • Paul, our DigiXstream Shop will be happy to help you fix any settings that may be set wrong and will be happy to educate you on how to get the most out of your DigiXstream box, but if you are looking for free support, we will first need to verify that you are a direct client of our DigiXstream Shop who has purchased one of our fully setup Android TV Boxes. Otherwise you will need to order one from us or order our support for 3rd party purchases before we can help you…

  • how do you install your new update I bought a box from you about 3 weeks ago I have tried calling your phone number but says mail box is full and I have had problem trying to watch the nfl games alot of the links don’t work or they have a bad picture or skip around

    • Kyler, I don’t think you were calling our numbers if it said voicemail is full. We do not allow our voicemail to become full. If you are a direct client of our DigiXstream Shop who has purchased one of our Fully Setup Android TV Boxes, you can contact us by phone for support at (800) 337-4077 or (303) 997-1709.

  • hi guys I have several DX2 models and with the last update to the boxes all the boxes works slow and freeze and now all the boxes begin to stay freeze in the menu so I turn the box off and now the boxes cannot boot normally. the boxes get stuck on the boot logo. I try doing the update manually but it not working. Can you help guys????

    • Todd, you are a direct client of ours so you can call our support line for all support related questions.

  • Hi

    We purchase a digi xstream DL4 QuadCore last fall from you at the Eastern States Exposition and were told we have unlimited support. We would like to watch live tv. We have looked at the tutorials but the menus don’t mirror our menus. Please help us.



    • I apologize Trish but DigiXstream and DigiXstream Shop do not sell units at state fairs. You have dealt with a 3rd party. They have a habit of promising the world on the back end and then rarely follow through. If this happened to you, I suggest taking it up with the company you purchased from. If they can’t be reached, I can’t be reached within a reasonable time and you were lied to about unlimited support, I would contact my CC company and dispute the charge if it was me. There is no such thing as unlimited support offered for DigiXstream by any Authorized dealers and ordering from even an Authorized dealer doesn’t mean you will get free tech support.

      Our DigiXstream Shop is the OFFICIAL DigiXstream Sales, Help, and Support Hub; and the only place to get these units fully setup w/ 1yr warranty & free tech support included.


      You can still order our same great DigiXstream Shop support from an Authorized DigiXstream Professional here: DigiXstream Support

    • Hi Mike. It’s important to note that these boxes don’t come with free tech support unless purchased Fully Setup w/ 1Yr Warranty & Tech Support Included through our DigiXstream Shop. We are happy to help you but you’ll first need to select a support plan:

      • Hello, did you ever get your answer from them on your X2, well the reason I ask is cause I have 2 of the x2 and can’t seem to get the right firmware for it,any help terry.

  • Hi Mike,
    I have an X2 that my girlfriend has had for years now, but never updated the firmware on it. I have tried seating the sd card as you listed and still nothing. what do you suggest?

    • Terry, this is Neil, the owner of DigiXstream Shop. You are referencing old blog posts that are not relative anymore due to the many changes in the DigiXstream box setup and management. Digixstream does not share their firmware anymore with the public. Give me a call and I’ll let you know what your best options are. 303-997-1709

  • I purchased my digixstream DX-4 from digixstream shop. I am having issues updated. After trying to reset to factory settings the box no long recognizes that it is connected to the internet. So it is telling me it is not connected. I have check the connections several times.

    • Are you sure you purchased from our DigiXstream Shop, Roverto? I don’t see an order under your name or email. We haven’t sold a DigiXstream box since Nov 20th, 2016. That’s when we replaced it with our own FOMOstream® brand which has more upgrades and capabilities than any other Android TV Box on the market. That’s still true today even with our Fs1mini. If you need help with your DX4 you’ll need to order our phone support service before we can help you.

  • You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

  • My digistream box says too update tech tools but there is no apps being shown and ota updater says there is non available and it also say no internet connection detected tried land line and wifi

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