How To Run The DigiXstream !Only Wizard

As of Feb 9th 2016, the Digi Wizard has been replaced with the !Only Wizard.

You can learn more about it by clicking the link here…


This will only run if you are using an original DigiXstream product.  All clones and imposters will be rejected.


To get the most out of your DigiXstream box and user experience, be sure to combine it with our DigiXstream Shop Tech Support Service.

Anyone who orders a Fully Setup‘ DigiXstream Android TV Box w/ 1Yr Warranty directly from our DigiXstream Shop, will receive Free Tech Support from our DigiXstream Shop!  Otherwise you can order the same great service and support ala-carte here:




  • When I run digiwizard, an error pops up “script.failed!:” Not sure what to do now. I reset my box&now re-adding everything from a clean slate. Guess I should’ve backed up.
    Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions!!

      • I am having the same problem. I bought mine from a partner of yours. I had mine for over a year and I went to reinstall the wizard because some of the add-on were not work right. I have done this many times before but now i shows there is a script error.

        • Frank, we can help you but we only provided free support to those who have ordered fully setup boxes from our DigiXstream Shop with Free Tech Support included. We will be happy to help you though once you decided which tech support option fits you best…

          You can also order a fully setup box with tech support included and then use that support education for the other units you own…

          • You should provided free support regardless of where you bought it. Other wish it devalues digi and the word will spread that your product is junk. Just sayin returning mine to to amazon because nothing works/no support.

          • No Aaron, we do NOT need to support purchases from unauthorized resellers because we do NOT encourage anyone to purchase from Amazon or any other unauthorized reseller. That is the entire point. Our DigiXstream Shop is the only place to get these ‘fully setup’ w/ 1Year Warranty & Tech Support Included. Trying to save a little bit of money by ordering through Amazon is a good way to shortchange yourself. If you want the experience that you need and deserve, then I suggest ordering a new ‘fully setup” unit from our DigiXstream Shop. —–> FULLY SETUP W/ TECH SUPPORT

          • Sounds to me like you have never been a direct Customer of DigiXstream Shop, you have a smart mouth, and are too cheap to pay for proper help and support, or you wouldn’t be complaining right now. Interesting!

            PS.) You can dish your hateful remarks all you want, but I promise you, I’ll put you in your place if you do.

  • we purchased this at ny statefair yesterday when it says run digi wizard there is no run button anywhere to run this program. we can not set it up and need your help desperately. id number is 723 005 283. my phone number at home is 315 655 3234

    thank you connie combs

  • I ordered from you Sept 28, and twice it has rebooted while watching a movie, and it deletes the pre-installed add one (genesis, Phoenix, etc) and I have to go through the whole reinstall of digitized again. Is there a reason this is happening?

    • Ed… this message must have slipped through the cracks… or maybe we had already helped you over the phone, but either way I want to update you on what is going on.

      You might want to consider upgrading your unit. Here’s why…

      We’re aware of some issues that you might also be aware of. Like most of the featured Add-ons don’t work, or require memberships to work. You may also notice that many add-ons don’t perform as well as they used to on the DigiXstream. This is because Add-ons are all upgrading to work with Kodi 17+ which requires Android 5.0 or better… and the DX4 is 4.1, DL4 features Android 4.4, which is also outdated. So is the DX4plus which tops out at Android 4.7. Of course, it also doesn’t help that DigiXstream went out of business before the new year.

      Unfortunately, this and other DigiXstream box issues are out of our hands because DigiXstream Shop no longer has any role in the development of the DigiXstream brand. Our team has moved on to bigger and better things.

      I want to personally introduce you to my very own creation, the brand new FOMOstream® Fs1 Series Android TV Box | HD, 3D & 4K Streaming Media Player!

      FOMO = ‘Fear Of Missing out’

      DON’T MISS OUT !!

      The FOMOstream® Android TV Box is MUCH easier to set up and navigate!

      Each model in the Fs1 Series also has more upgrades and capabilities than any other Android TV Box on the market !!!

      You can read more about it on our blog here:

      FOMOstream® brand is not affiliated with DigiXstream in any way, other than our team, who has helped to develop the DigiXstream brand over the years, is now the sole developer and owner of FOMOstream® Android TV Boxes. The same core values that our team has brought to the DigiXstream brand over the years have now been shifted to our brand new FOMOstream® Android TV Box.

      The FOMOstream® site is:

    • There is a very good reason we do not allow returns. Even if we were able to resell a used box, the customer would not be able to return all the love we put into our special setup boxes before we ship out and would not be able to return the free training, help, and support that we provide with our fully setup boxes that come w/ free tech support.

      No one is trying to return these anyway unless they purchased a unit without tech support thinking they were saving money and later realizing how important tech support is, causing them to be bitter about their purchase. Everyone with tech support raves about how amazing our DigiXstream boxes are and most contact us back to purchase more.

  • Hey I bought a dx4 plus from you guys and now dextertv doesn’t work, it was one of my favorite add-on with my dx4. I don’t want to have to use both of the units to watch different shows, will you guys fix that?

    • Lino, if it’s broken on one unit. It can’t possibly work on another unit. We do not control dextertv or any of the addons except for the Wizards. All the other addons are controlled and maintained by other enthusiasts. We continue to feature the best addons, which changes frequently. If any addon stays broken for too long we replace it with a better one of it’s kind. You will notice this when you facilitate our updates. I strongly suggest ordering tech support from our DigiXstream Shop because you will get a really good education with such and we can really help you maximize your user potential.

  • i am running the digi wizard and it just says working in the bottom right hand corner. i am following the instructions on how to add the that came with the box

    and all i get is working in the bottom hand corner

  • My first Digixstream was bought at a state fair. I called Neil for help, and he told me to return the box to the vendor, in which I did, and bought a fully set up box from DigiXstreamShop. Every time I had a question, I called tech support, answered every time, and my questions, pro lens or concerns were taken care of. I have also read a lot and watched many videos about issues, concerns, etc. Now, it is nothing for me to troubleshoot and correct issues. Thanks DigiXstreamShop!

  • Your product is garbage. Doesn’t work and you don’t provide support. You say it’s because we didn’t buy it directly from you but you sold it to the third party who sold it to us. Your whole company is a money grab opportunity and you should be ashamed of yourselves. I won’t purchase this trash ever again and tell everyone I know to stay away from your company. I have found a reputable company who gives a crap about their clients.

    • Dear Duscan,

      Our ‘DigiXstream Shop’ is NOT DigiXstream, LLC. or… nor is DigiXstream “our product.”

      We stopped selling their boxes over a year ago (as it says in a big pop up on the front of our website when you first visit)., the manufacturer, is no longer in business. They closed their doors before the new year so trust me when I tell you, you will be doing us, and everyone, a huge favor if you tell everyone not to buy a DigiXstream box. started providing support for the public, full time, for the DigiXstream Brand in 2014 because no one else wanted to do it. By 2016, we broke away from DigiXstream after they stopped taking our management and developmental advice. We had no control over anything they did anymore so we decided to launch our own brand with more upgrades and capabilities than any other Android TV Box on the market. There are 3 great models in our FOMOstream® Fs1 Series to choose from… and you can get one-on-one phone support directly from the Owner/Developer of the box himself.

  • I purchased 4 boxes directly from you guys and I have requested a call back as the Wizard does not load. I purchased them as testers for our integration company, project went on hold and now it’s back alive but the box doesn’t work due to repository missing and no 9ne has called me back after 2 messages being left. When I purchased you told me the boxes had full support (purchased about 2 years ago). Please have someone reach out to me, sooner than later. This has been going on for more than a month which is too long and 4 boxes with the potential for more is not a good look if support is not there.

    • Mr. Campbell. Are you sure you ordered all 4 boxes from our “DigiXstream Shop?” Do you have an order number or receipt? We have 2 orders under the name Campbell, one in 2015, the other in 2016. None of them are from a T… Campbell. If we can find your order we can renew your support for another full year for just $50.
      You should know though, DigiXstream has gone out of business and that box you have is obsolete so, even though I can help you get the most out of it, and it will still work, it’s important to note that there are some things on that box that we are just not able to fix. For this reason, your best bet is to upgrade to the new FOMOstream® Fs1 Series.

      FOMOstream® brand is not affiliated with DigiXstream in any way, other than our team, who has helped to develop the DigiXstream brand over the years, is now the sole developer and owner of FOMOstream® Android TV Boxes. The same core values that our team has brought to the DigiXstream brand over the years have been shifted to our brand new FOMOstream® Android TV Box as of 2016.

  • When I run the media set up it will say “The file you selected has failed to download. The file may be unavailable at this time or your device is unable to download from the files location … etc”

    Please help!

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