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For anyone who is new to DigiXstream and is considering ordering a DigiXstream Android TV Box without tech support in an effort to save money… Please consider this: If anyone has ever been unhappy with our product, it is only because they purchased it without tech support and later realized how paramount tech support is to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience each and every day.

Things can get really frustrating and embarrassing really quick when things go wrong (and they do). Especially if you have company over expecting to watch the game; or worse a date that you are trying to impress with some random movie you were hoping not to really watch anyway, but you know it’s a great way to set the tone for what will hopefully become a heavy make out session.

Suppose you feel confident that you can find all the information you need online for free. Well, I’ll ask you this… what is your free time worth? Would you rather spend your valuable spare time constantly researching all the changes in our industry and product, or would you rather just spend the one time payment of $70 for a full year warranty and free tech support + receive your DigiXstream ‘fully setup‘ so that you can maximize its use, and minimize your frustration while spending more quality time with those you love and care about?

That what we charge. Just an extra $70 for our special setup and a full year of tech support… unless you purchased from a 3rd party and want to add support; in which case we charge $50 an hour or the better offer of the two, $144 for the entire year. Same great support. Just different pricing. You can order that support here: Support for DigiXstream 3rd Party Purchases

It’s surprising how many tech support calls we receive from 3rd party purchases who tell us that they have been watching videos trying to figure out how to set up and use the DigiXstream box to its potential, and they often get themselves in a big messes that they need help out of. This is because the videos they watch do not apply to our DigiXstream boxes, or are outdated (which happens very quickly) due to frequent changes in our industry. Even some of our own videos featured in our DigiXstream Shop YouTube channel are outdated as far as the addons you see featured, but the information provided and setup process is still helpful in our educational videos today. ( DigiXstream Shop Youtube Channel )

Our DigiXstream Shop help and training videos are not meant to be a replace for our tech support service. Especially since we do not cover troubleshooting and other important information publicly. We protect a lot of information to protect the extra value that only our special DigiXstream Shop clients (that purchased fully setup DigiXstream boxes) will continue to receive.

Every family is different, with different interests and questions. We cater our tech support calls to each client who we recognise as a unique individual (or family unit), and provide detailed answers to specific questions relative to each family’s unique interests. These questions can be related to DigiXstream or the KODI platform that has been specially adapted to our DigiXstream SMART HD Android TV Boxes. This is the quality of support that only we can provide, and you deserve!

If you have already owned a DigiXstream for a while and are already very familiar with how amazing our product is through personal experience, and you don’t mind setting it all up from scratch yourself because you know how, then you might be interested in ordering more boxes through us with a year warranty, without free tech support for a slight savings. Anyone who orders a box from us that is not fully setup and without support, we assume knows exactly what they are doing. If that is you, you can order your Unsetup DigiXstream SMART Android TV Box HD / 4K / 3D Streaming Media Player here w/ 1Yr Warranty + Free S&H: DigiXstream Not Setup & NO Support

Otherwise, we suggest getting our best seller which is our Fully Setup DigiXstream SMART Android TV Box HD / 4K / 3D Streaming Media Player w/ 1Yr Warranty & Free Tech Support + Free S&H from our DigiXstream Shop here: DigiXstream Fully Setup w/ Tech Support

We at DigiXstream Shop can provide you with the best support available because we are the OFFICIAL DigiXstream Sales, Services, and Support Hub and understand that the more we teach you about our product and service, the better your experience will be and the more you will fall in love with our amazing product that we combine with our stellar services. We understand that a little help and education is what is needed to bridge the gap so that the average family can enjoy our Android TV Box SMART HD Streaming Media Players and we are happy to provide such!

Great Pricing, Warranties, and Support Also Available For Bulk Orders!!!


Call us directly to learn more!!!

DigiXstream Shop
OFFICIAL DigiXstream
Sales, Help & Support Hub
11566 Colony Row
Broomfield, CO 80021
(800) 337-4077
(303) 997-1709








  • Hello … I just received my dx4 plus on Monday Jan 25th. I am getting a message regarding an update to a new ROM version. Do I needed to use an SD card prior to performing this update? What size do you recommend? Also would I also be required to have an SD cards prior to updating the firmware if it needs to be updated? Is there a place online to go to get answers or help? I did purchase my dx4 plus through your website. Thanks Barbara

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