DigiXstream Official Authorized Dealer

It’s always a bit disheartening when we have to deny someone tech support due to the fact that they purchased from a 3rd party like Amazon, Ebay, etc… but we must protect the value of the free support that we promise to provide for some of our direct clients only.

We do not sell our boxes on Amazon or Ebay. Only 3rd party resellers sell our DigiXstream boxes on Amazon, Ebay, and other 3rd Party Sites. Many of them use spins of our business name to try to trick people into thinking they are Official DigiXstream Dealers or actually DigiXstream themselves. We apologize to anyone who has fallen victim to such tactics. In an effort to save others from the same mistake please share this blog post.

DigiXstream Official Authorized Dealer

The image above should have read “Dangers Of Buying From An Unauthorized DigiXstream Dealer.” We don’t really want to tell you what to do, but we strongly suggest…

To ensure you have the proper warranty and support, only purchase from an “Official” Authorized DigiXstream Dealer !


DigiXstream Shop is the OFFICIAL Sales, Help, and Support Hub for all DigiXstream boxes. Only our fully setup boxes ( ready to plug and play ) purchased directly from our shop come with free tech support from our shop. If a 3rd party DigiXstream salesman promised you support, they are the ones that must provide it for you. If they promised you support that you are not receiving, we suggest returning your box to them ( if you can ) and then purchasing a fully setup Android TV Box w/ free tech support directly from our DigiXstream Shop.

All DigiXstream HD Media Streamers purchased from any Unauthorized Dealer ( 3rd Party ) will not receive, a warranty or be subject to any help or tech support from our DigiXstream Shop. Unauthorized 3rd party resellers ‘that do not provide their own support for these boxes‘ tarnish our industry because without proper help and support, the users experiences are often minimized considerably, leaving an impression that is very different from those who are direct clients of DigiXstream Shop, and who can rely on the security of such benefits.

For those who have not used a DigiXstream HD Media Player, there is a bit of a learning curve in the beginning, but we can help speed that process up. Whether you are technical savvy or not, it’s usually just a matter of time before you get a bit experimental with our customizations. DigiXstream is rooted for full customization and we don’t want to discourage anyone from customizing their Android boxes, but this can be dangerous grounds for anyone not supported directly by DigiXstream Shop. It’s common that these boxes get messed up in the customization process, requiring tech support to fix… or sometimes need to be replaced completely. We are happy to replace your DigiXstream box within the first year, no questions asked, as long as you purchased from our DigiXstream Shop directly.

Hope that helps.

If you have already purchased from a 3rd party without support and have now discovered how important tech support is, you can still order it from our DigiXstream Shop directly here —> DigiXstream Tech Support for 3rd Party Purchases


Next, we would like to also mention the differences between what many 3rd party sellers describe as ‘setup’, verses our DigiXstream Shop ‘full setups.’ Every DigiXstream box can be described loosely as “fully setup,” because the majority of this setup process is indeed done for you through our Digi Wizard… However, some 3rd party resellers unfortunately are notorious for misleading consumers away from the understanding that there ARE technical steps that must first be taken in order to access and unzip the Digi Wizard on each DigiXstream Android TV Box ( unless you ‘truly’ purchase one Fully Setup, like through our shop ).

DigiXstream Shop is the ONLY Official DigiXstream dealer that goes the extra mile of completely “fully” setting these boxes up for our customers so that they are truly ready to plug and play. Online 3rd party resellers typically do not offer full setups for their clients either. To learn more about our special setups and how you can get our Full Special Setups on a DigiXstream from a 3rd party… [CLICK HERE]


Last but not least, a large majority of our DigiXstream boxes are sold through word of mouth traveling through many large networks of mutual friends who all have the understanding that the DigiXstream box is something that pretty much anyone and everyone enjoys. But, these boxes are so ahead of their time that almost everyone requires tech support in the beginning, or at some point to ensure a continuous pleasurable experience. If a friend, friend of a friend, or someone local you trust introduces you to DigiXstream and offers to sell you one w/ tech support, and you trust that they will follow through with the support you need, by ALL means please take them up on their offer and thank them for sharing it with you! We depend heavily on average Joe’s and Jane’s to help spread the Digi love with others. We train all our direct resellers well, and continue to support them through time so that they may continue to pass that good service down to their friends, loved ones, and direct clients.

Anyone interested in becoming a DigiXstream reseller can contact our DigiXstream Shop directly for Wholesale quotes. Once terms are accepted one may then continue to order DigiXstream in bulk directly from our DigiXstream Shop at a great savings.


  • Why are you selling boxes at wholesale that are not plug and play if you will not provide support for them. If I buy directly from you how do I get that support and prove I bought it from you. Every comment asking for support is shut down without being confirmed they did not buy from you. What am I missing?
    Thank you

    • We DO in fact provide free support for all wholesale/bulk purchases, but only to the person who purchases in wholesale/bulk… or for our own direct customers who order our fully setup boxes for our DigiXstream Shop that come with free tech support. When you order bulk from our DigiXstream Shop, you will receive free tech support from us to help you with any issue your downline may have, but you can’t have your clients contact us directly for free support. We specially train our resellers to provide great tech support because we know it’s the key to ensure great success because it ensures your clients are thrilled with their purchases and will almost surely refer more, and more business your way. It’s easy to understand why once you have established a very large downline of clients, many of whom will have large networks under them, and so on, and on; and just about all of them need at least an hour of tech support. It’s also the reason these boxes are not as expensive as you would imagine them to be ( especially when purchased in bulk ). We have left plenty of room for markup and most of our resellers charge extra just to cover the time spent teaching their clients the inns and outs of the DigiXstream navigation, content, and such.

      Hope that helps.

      • These guys are a bunch of huksters. They sell there equipment to others and then in big letters do not support it. After they officially sell it in bulk. They do give support to the one that bought the 10 boxes, but not to the ones that bought it from the guy that is trying to make a buck. You have no business being in business and will probably get shut down because of your devious way’s. I am sure in whatever way you deem possible you think you are right. ONLY SELL WHAT YOU ARE WILLING TO SUPPORT, NOTHING ELSE TO ANYBODY. You will make more money being honest then telling me not to buy the exact same product for $100.00 less and it is the same exact product. You are selling nothing more than support for $100.00 more, stop bashing the other guys, and above all STOP SELLING TO THEM. I would not buy anything from you guys, you sound like people that would rather rip everybody else apart and tell us how great you are. YOUR NOT!!!

        • Thomas… you could not be more incorrect on so many levels.

          First of all, NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING!!! DigiXstream and DigiXstream Shop, or NO ONE for that matter is ‘required‘ to provide you with any kind of support at all! Especially since DigiXstream has never claimed to offer any phone or email support to the public, and you are not a direct client of our DigiXstream Shop, which is the only reseller that sets these boxes up a head of time and offers units w/ free tech support for 1 year… for only $70 more than our units without our special setup and support.

          Sorry you are unhappy Thomas but it is very clear that you are taking your frustration out on the wrong person. Don’t get mad at us because you purchased from the wrong person and are now not getting the support you need… also don’t expect to receive free support for everything you purchase because not everything comes with free support, nor is it reasonable to expect it to. Especially when you do not purchase from a company (DigiXstream Shop http://AndroidMovieBox.com ) that actually offers free support and prides themself on such. If the company you purchased from promised you free support, then you need to take that up with them. We can not be responsible for what every unauthorized Tom, Dick, and Harry promises their clients… and do not assume that DigiXstream Shop or anyone encourages lies from unauthorized dealers because we understand that nothing tarnishes our brand name more than lies and misrepresentation, which is why we have very few Authorized DigiXstream Dealers.

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